Why buy from Red Dog Radios?

Red Dog Radios is an Authorized Dealer for EVERYTHING we sell!

Vertex Authorized Dealer

Be aware that there are many online sellers that are not authorized to sell the products that they are offering for sale. Some of these sellers are offering “gray market” or export-only products, or products that are being sold outside of official channels.

Icom Authorized Dealer

OEM product manufacturers (Icom, Vertex, Pryme, Power Products, etc) may not honor the warranty on products purchased from unauthorized sellers.

Smart public safety agencies, first responders, businesses and consumers should not spend their hard-earned money on products from these unauthorized sellers.

Government buyers should not spend tax payers' money on products from these sellers. Tax payers' money should be spent on products that are sold through legitimate GSA-Approved channels - that being an Authorized Dealer like Red Dog Radios.

Buy only from an Authorized Dealer. Keep your warranty and have confidence that you will get the support and help you need, when you need it.

Red Dog Radios - We are an Authorized Dealer for all the products that we sell!

Red Dog Radios is an Authorized Icom and Vertex Dealer and Warranty/Repair Center!

That means that we service everything that we sell; we don’t just sell boxes with radios in them. We don’t refer you to the 800-number for Icom or Vertex. We answer your call, listen to your problem or issue, and then we take care of it. If your radio needs repair, whether it’s in-warranty or not, you send it to Red Dog Radios; we never tell you to send it to the factory.

Red Dog Radios handles all warranty claims and factory repair, shipping and serial number verification, when required. Radios sold by unauthorized sellers may not have their warranties honored by Icom America or Vertex Standard! Don’t buy from anyone that isn’t an authorized warranty/repair center, or you’re taking a risk.