Icom IC-FR6000 Digital UHF Repeater


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Analong/IDAS compatible, 50 Watts
Narrowband FM and IDAS (NXDN) compliant, can be upgraded for trunking and remote (IP) management
  • Out-of-the-box IDAS (NXDN) Compatible
  • Analog/Digital mixed mode operation on a per-channel basis
  • Narrowband conventional FM capable
  • Up to 2 RF channels per single repeater, only 2 rack units
  • Optional IP Network interface, permits remote management over IP network
  • Easily upgradeable to multi-site single channel operation
  • Upgradeable to trunking operation
Value, Performance and Flexibility: All Standard

19-inch rack mount, 2U height low profile design

Two RF modules in one unit

The IC-FR5000 series has an internal space for installing another RF unit. Two RF modules* can be installed and can be programmed and operated independently. LEDs on the front panel show both channel conditions.
* Optional UR-FR5000/UR-FR6000 required.

50W output at 50% duty cycle, 25W 100% duty cycle operation

Employing a high stability ±0.5ppm oscillator and high performance power amplifier, the IC-FR5000 series provides a reliable 100% duty cycle operation at 25W output. When operated at the high power setting of 50W, the repeater operates with a 50% duty cycle.

32 channel capacity and 5 programmable buttons

The 12-digit dot-matrix display, 5 programmable buttons, 32 memory channels and internal speaker allow you to use the repeater as a simple base station or to check repeater activity.

Multiple CTCSS, DTCS tone and RAN code decode

The IC-FR5000 series decodes multiple CTCSS and DTCS as well as digital RAN (Radio Access Number) codes on a per channel basis (up to 16 tones/codes) and downlinks the received signal with a specified tone/ code. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups and provides quiet stand-by while using other groups.

D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector

The IC-FR5000 series has a programmable D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector for connecting various trunking controllers or external remote control devices. Also, modulation/ demodulation signals can be input/ output from the D-SUB connector.

Superior receiver performance

The IC-FR5000 series has class leading receiver performance of selectivity and intermodulation rejection. It improves the quality of the repeater service even under congested band conditions.

Voice scrambler

The built-in inversion type* voice scrambler provides secure conversation as standard. When a more secure system is required, the 32 code non-rolling type voice scrambler UT-109R* and 1020 code rolling type UT-110R* are available as an option. In IDAS digital mode, a 15-bit encryption key provides over 32,000 scrambling codes.
* These voice scramblers (inversion type, UT-109R and UT-110R) are available with analog mode only.

Built-in audio compander*

The built-in audio compander improves the signal to noise ratio and provide clear audio. * Analog mode only.

Other features

• PTT priority setting (Local Mic., external PTT or repeater operation)
• 5-Tone and DTMF encoder/decoder*
• CW ID transmitter
• Analog wide/narrow (12.5/25kHz) channel spacing programmable*
• Wide frequency range: VHF 136–174MHz, UHF: 400–470 or 450–520MHz
• Normal and priority scan
• Convenient key assign stickers supplied
• Quick and easy programming from a PC
• Beat cancel capability
• Low voltage alert*
* For analog mode only

Offers an integrated system

Take advantage of Icom’s integrated system design for a total digital system. The IC-F3161D and IC-F5061D series are designed for the IDAS compatible terminal components with the following digital features.
• IDAS conventional
• IDAS trunking
• Selective call, group call and talk group ID
• Status call/request
• Radio check
• Radio stun/kill/revive
• Data call
• Digital voice scrambler
• Emergency call
• Call alert
• Call log

The IC-FR5000 series is ready for IDAS digital and IDAS trunking.

Flexible migration path from analog to digital

The IC-FR5000 series can receive both analog and digital mode signals on a single channel. You can partially introduce IDAS digital radios, while still maintaining the existing analog radios in the system.

Double your channel capacity

The IDAS system utilizes 6.25kHz narrow channel spacing, which within a 12.5kHz channel, you can create two offset channels. (i.e. doubling the channel efficiency and capacity)

Flexible application possibilities

Being digital, integration and convergence with IP technology as well as multiple data applications will be possible to enhance the basic system.

Improved audio quality and coverage

Enjoy noise free audio over a greater comparable area than analog FM. The IDAS radio uses the AMBE+2™ codec the latest evolution in vocoding technology.

IDAS trunking with optional UC-FR5000

The optional UC-FR5000 offers single site digital trunking capability for effective channel management. Its distributed system (similar to the analog LTR™ trunking) does not require a dedicated control channel. Up to 30 channels (RF units) per site can be set up.