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Icom IC-F9011B-01 P25 Portable VHF Radio

CODE: IC-9011B-01

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512 channels
P25 CAP-compliant, supports conventional and trunked P25 operation, qualifies for P25 grant funding
  • Fully out-of-the-box P25 trunking capable, nothing to upgrade
  • Full suite of signaling features
  • Full MDC Signaling with 500 unit alias list
  • Up to 128 zone operation
  • Very sophisticated and robust operation
  • Rich set of scanning and priority channel features
  • Rated IP-67 completely dust-tight and submersible
Featured for the First Responder!
Ready for: P25 conventional, P25 trunking and analog conventional. All in one radio!


P25 Conventional & Trunking Features

P25 Conventional and Trunking

The IC-F9011 series has P25 conventional and trunking capabilities as standard. You can assign individual channels to analog conventional, P25 conventional or P25 trunking, all within one radio.


The IC-F9011 series conforms to the standard specifications for TIA/EIA TSB-102, CAAB, Digital C4FM Transceiver Performance Recommendations and provides interoperability with other brand P25 equipment for public safety applications.

Digital/Analog mixed mode operation

The mixed mode operation allows you to detect and receive both analog FM and P25 digital modes and to transmit either mode depending on programming.

Individual ID and talkgroup ID

The IC-F9011T/S and IC-F9021T/S have a 100 individual ID and 250 talkgroup ID memories. Use the display to visually select the person or group you’re going to call.

Optional AES/DES encryption

The IC-F9011 series provides AES and/or DES encryption for secure conversation with the optional UT-125 AES/DES encryption unit or UT-128 DES encryption unit. Versions certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 for AES encryption are planned for future release.

Enhanced vocoder ready

Using the DVSI’s AMBE+2™ vocoder, the IC-F9011 series is enhanced vocoder ready.

OTAR (Over-the-Air-Rekeying)

The IC-F9011 series supports P25 OTAR for changing encryption keys over the air.

4-way navigation cross keypad

The 4-way cross keypad* on the front panel provides an intuitive user interface.
* IC-F9011T/S and IC-F9021T/S only.

Encryption button and 3-position zone select switch

On the top of the radio, there is a toggle switch to turn the encryption on or off* and the 3 position switch allows you to quickly select an operating zone*.
* According to the programming setting.

Large dot-matrix display

The IC-F9011T/S and F9021T/S have a large dot-matrix display to show various operating status at a glance. At the bottom line of the display, the key indicator shows the assigned functions to the [I], [II] and [III] buttons for more efficient operation.

Slim dimensions

At only 41.8mm (121/32 in) thick, the IC-F9011 series is designed as a solid and ergonomic shape that will fit comfortably in your hand.

6W RF output power

The IC-F9011T/S/B provides 6W* of high output power. The supplied 3040mAh (typ.) Li-Ion battery pack, BP-254, provides 9 hours* of operating time.
* 5W for IC-F9021T/S/B. Typical operation with Tx: Rx: standby=5:5:90.

1000mW audio output power

The built-in BTL amplifier doubles the audio output power and delivers loud audio to receive all calls under noisy environments. In addition, even when using an optional speaker microphone, the BTL amplifier output is also available from the external accessory connector which increases the audio output via the microphone.

IP57 dust and waterproof protection

The IC-F9011 series has dust and waterproof protection equivalent to IP57 and is tested to demanding MIL-STD 810 requirements. IP57 waterproof protection means the IC-F9011 series can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. The radio can withstand rugged use even under harsh weather conditions.

14-pin accessory connector

The new 14-pin accessory connector enhances the IC-F9011 series performance and capabilities. It has reserved pins for programmable key inputs.

Tactical group function

The tactical group function allows you to copy memory channels to the tactical zone and temporarily regroup memory channels. Using the optional zone copy cable, memory channels in the tactical zone can be transferred from a master radio to other radios.

Abundant scanning settings

The dual priority scan monitors two primary channels alternately, while scanning other channels. The mode dependent scan function automatically changes the scan list according to the operating channel. The talk back function with timer beep, TX channel and cancel channel settings allow you to preset the transmission channel when you push the PTT button during scanning operation or cancel the scanning.

Optional Man Down unit

With the optional Man Down unit, UT-124R, the IC-F9011 series automatically sends an emergency signal when the radio is left in a horizontal position for a preset time.

Other features

• Wide frequency coverage
• FM wide/narrow channel spacing*1
• 512 channels/128 zones
• Built-in audio compander*1
• Built-in inversion type voice scrambler*1
• VOX function for hands-free operation
• Optional waterproof speaker microphone, HM-184
• Talk around function
• CTCSS and DTCS encoder and decoder*1
• DTMF autodial*1
• 2-Tone encoder and decoder*1 and MDC 1200 compatible*1
*1 Analog mode only