Fiplex Pass-Reject DVN-1522L Full-Size VHF Duplexer

Fiplex Pass-Reject DVN-1522L Full-Size VHF Duplexer




  • 150 watts max
  • 600 kHz min separation
  • N connectors
  • Specify your low pass/high pass frequencies

Fiplex DVN Series are efficient duplexers, made of four or six round coaxial cavities, able to be installed in a 19“ cabinet.

These duplexers are intended to be used in high power applications, or when there is small Tx-Rx separation.

Around the pass frequencies, these duplexers display a quasi band pass response, providing additional selectivity that protects the receiver against interference and reduces the noise and spurious emission of the transmitter.

Two versions are available: 4” O.D. cavities (”L” type) and 7” O.D. cavities (”N” type). Models ending in “/3” use ¾ wavelength coaxial resonators in order to improve the Q factor of the cavity.

Thermal stability is obtained by the use of INVAR rods to control the tuning of each resonator.

Inner copper lines are silver plated and the outer aluminum conductors are alodine passivated.

Duplexers are supplied with mounting brackets for 19" racks.

Standard connectors are N female. Other connector types are available upon request.