Fiplex Compact Mobile DHL-1533 VHF Duplexer

Fiplex Compact Mobile DHL-1533 VHF Duplexer




  • 50 watts max
  • 5 MHz min separation
  • Specify your low pass/high pass frequencies

Fiplex DHL Series are helical mobile duplexers intended to be used in systems up to 50 watts in the 136 - 520 MHz range.

Typical applications include:

  • Digital and analog wireless radio
  • Low power repeaters
  • Mobile full duplex radios

Resonant cavities are interconnected in a band reject configuration, which allows typical Tx to Rx frequency separation of 5.0 MHz in the range of 136 - 520MHz.

To improve Tx to Rx isolation, semi-rigid coaxial cables are used.

In order to have a long life performance, metal surfaces are properly finished.

These dupelxers use six helical resonators, housed in 6063-T6 aluminum cavities with alodine finishing.

The entire unit is painted for additional protection.